Ready Mixed Services

Ready Mixed Concrete Services

Whether you are pouring a new driveway for your house or the foundation for a large commercial building, Cow Town Redi-Mix, Inc. is here to services you in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding cities.

Concrete is used in many stages of the construction process (i.e. piers, foundations, slabs, pavements, columns, and even architectural finishes) all of which have different strength and material requirements. Depending on your planned use, our team will help you determine the most suitable concrete mix design for your needs. We can accommodate the use of fly ash, admixtures, fibers, and different fine and coarse aggregate types all while meeting your minimum compressive strength.

If you are an existing customer and need a quote for a concrete project you have in mind, contact your salesman. For new customers, please contact our Dispatch at (817) 759-2599 . Below we outline the process of ordering concrete from Cow Town Redi-Mix, Inc.

Our Services  Cowtown Redi-Mix - No.1 Best Mixed Concrete Supplier
Our Services  Cowtown Redi-Mix - No.1 Best Mixed Concrete Supplier

How to get concrete for your next project from Cow Town Redi-Mix, Inc.

You need concrete and you have come to the right place, but what is the process for getting it for your project? Here we outline step by step instructions to help you determine how much concrete you need, how to place your order, and what to expect in getting your concrete.

Before you can order your concrete, you must know how much you will need for your entire project. When calculating your amount, remember that you need to know the volume of the building components you are going to pour. If you know your concrete slab is going to be 24 feet long by 24 feet wide, make sure you know what the thickness will be to get your final volume estimate.

Concrete is delivered by the cubic yard (cu yd), so make sure you convert your calculated volume from cubic feet by dividing by 27 (1 cu yd = 27cu ft). And don’t forget to convert your inches to feet before multiplying, otherwise, you’ll get 12 times the amount of concrete that you need!

Once you have determined how much concrete you need, get in touch with your salesman to get a quote. If you’re a new customer, contact our Dispatch at (817) 759-2599 and they can connect you with a salesman. To get the most accurate quote, you need to know what kind of concrete mixture you are wanting to use. If you have any concrete mixture requirements, as is the case in TxDOT and Public Works projects, please fill out our mix design request form so we can help find the best concrete mix for you.


Now that you have a quote, a concrete mix, and know how much concrete you need, you are ready to order! Call our Dispatch at (817) 759-2599 and they will schedule you for a concrete pour. To best accommodate your schedule, please call as early as you can to place the order. If any changes to your order need to be made, or any delays occur on the day of your pour, please let us know so we can best serve you.

Our dispatch is available from the time our first truck is ticketed for the day until our last truck gets on-site to help make sure everything is running smoothly, so we will always be available during your pour. Throughout the day, our quality control (QC) team goes to our various sites to ensure our concrete meets your expectations.

Now that you know the process, give us a call to order your concrete today!

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Cow Town Redi-Mix, Inc. is proud to be one of the top ready mixed concrete suppliers to all professional builders and contractors across DFW and the surrounding cities in Texas.

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